Hi!! My name is Oaky!!

I'm a casual person who chills on Twitter and Discord religiously. My pronouns are He/Him and Bee/Beeself, and I am absolutely in love with Friday Night Funkin. There's buttons below, so click them to find out more! /safe


I'm a massive fan of different topics, and I tend to draw or listen to music in my spare time! I'm pretty chill, but can be in a terrible mood sometimes. I'm an incredibly big woman lover !! Feel free to send me a message on Twitter or Discord, but tell me who you are first! I promise I don't bite, I just get a bit afraid.

CS: earl phantomhive
Discord: Oaky !!#3790
Twitter: @StawbeeCow
Twitch: stawbeecow
Minecraft Username: StawbeeCow

BYI: I'm very touchy, so please be patient with me, as I have anxiety, and possible other undiagnosed conditions. I also have severe trust issues, and attachment issues. Please spoiler any mentions of [email protected] [email protected]@ssm3nt if talking to me, or gr00ming. On top of that, please use tone tags if you talk to me, and forgive me if I'm really clingy :(


I'm into a bunch of different things, which a lot of my kins stem from! Below are some of my interests, and my hyperfixations are bolded! Please do not slander any of my interests :(

My Cherry!! ♥Haha Koga & Co ♥Friday Night Funkin'BNABoJack HorsemanDanganronpaDream SMPMinecraftFNaFHiveswap / HomestuckKakeguruiPokémonPortal 1 and 2Sanders SidesShe-Ra and the Princesses of PowerVoltron: Legendary Defender


I have SO MANY kins! Below, I'll list my heaviest kins! Doubles are definitely okay with me, however please be aware that I believe I am the irl Strawberry Cow, Peko Pekoyama and Tenko Chabashira. They are me, and I am them. Yes I'm delusional. Please dni if you kin them / think you are them !!

Kyoko KirigiriToko Fukawa / Genocider JackKazuichi SodaKotoko UtsugiMasaru DaimonJataro KemuriNagisa ShingetsuTenko ChabashiraGamzee MakaraJake EnglishDouble TroublePrince LotorNanami TsubomiRirika MomobamiSayaka IgarashiRei BatsubamiFuntime FreddyFlareonSylveonPiglin (Minecraft)Magpie (the animal. yeah i know i'm a furry.)

Do Not Interact!

Hi! Please do not interact with me if you fit any of this criteria!

You are transphobic / ableist / homophobic / racist etc.You are a MAP / Support MAPsYou ship any of the DSMP cast with each other (unless they're canonically in a relationship)You ship Mikan + Junko / Shuichi + Kokichi / Korekiyo + His Sister (basically any of the obviously toxic DGRP ships)You hate my partners like even a little bit grrPeople 17 or older may interact, but be hesitant.You kin Makoto Naegi, Nagito Komaeda, Kokichi Ouma, Kiibo, Shuichi Saihara, Izuru Kamukura, Ibuki Mioda, Kaito Momota, Kiyotaka Ishimaru, Tartaglia from Genshin Impact and/or Qiqi from Genshin Impact. I am dating a system with these alters and I am uncomfortable with people kinning them. You're valid but you're not them ♡You kin Kaede Akamatsu, Hiyoko Saionji, Sonia Nevermind or Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu. They are literally my partner Cherry :/
Further Triggers and Squicks can be found below !! Please read these.

Here, you can check out my partner!! Slime is the sun, the moon, literally everything to me. Send slime some love, and please please be nice to slime otherwise I will be mad grr

cherry the beloved. i love you so much you are so good. you mean way more to me than words can ever say, and i don't do nearly enough to repay your kindness. i absolutely don't deserve you at all and i miss you more and more every single day. i really wish you were here by my side, because i miss your cuddles and your smell, and i miss nuzzling into your hair and your neck and your cute dumb little laugh that i know you don't really like that much. i love you, really. - your sapling.

    YOU HAVE LIKE 14 ALTERS NOW THIS IS SO POGCHAMP. you are all very cool, editing this page again bc,,, i have more that i need to add ♡

    to makoto, kaito, kiyotaka, mr tagliatelle, and others !!! hi !! y'alls get a message here bc i am just,,, mm. yes. y'alls are very important friends to me, even if i've only just met some of you, and i don't know some of you that well!! you queers mean the world to me, thank you for being my friend.

    if u are any of my boys click ur button below to see my message to you !! ♥♥

    HAHAHAAH YOU. YOU !!! hi koga !! i refuse to use capital letters bc i'm rewriting 6 messages afters urs so yaaay. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !! holds you in my hands you are so good !!! you are just so sweet so good i want to stay with you forever and ever, no matter what anybody says !! you are my precious boy, and i'm so honored i get to call you mine !! big kisses for my absolute sweetheart, because you deserve all the good in life, you really do

      you pleading face... nagito komaeda the ultimate lucky student,,, your luck rubbed off on me for me to be with someone as amazing as you !! you're so incredible, so pretty, so kind and sweet, and i can't stress that enough. again, you don't deserve half of the stuff you give yourself, and i love you lots and lots, my pretty husband ♡
      i'm so so honored i get to call myself yours, it honestly means the absolute world to me !! i love you !!!

      i love !!! you !!! so much kokichi !! you're so entertaining to talk to, and you make me feel special !! and that's so cool and amazing !! tonight, i'm thinking of world domination, and you're my world ! hehe
      i'm so grateful that the incredible ultimate supreme leader could ever want to date someone like me, i love you so so much !!!

      you are still. so soft shumai. you are so so sweet and kind to me, and you're so incredibly gentle !! so so sweet !! ah, i could practically get cavities from you !! you honestly mean more to me than i can say, and i still love you very much despite us not talking much !! you mean everything to me, and i mean that. i wanna stay by your side forever, because every good detective deserves an incredible sidekick !! i love you,,,

      hi !! ah i'm not too sure what to say bwah,,, you are just,,, so gentle with me, a lot more than i can say that i deserve. you are my absolute shield, and you mean so much to me, more than words can ever express. it means so much to me to have someone so strongly dedicated to loving me and wanting to protect me, because i've,,, never had that before. you mean so much to me, izuru, i mean it. i love you.

      KIIBO MY ROBO BABY BOY. HI !! we weren't dating the last time i wrote these but i was going to send you all lovemail anyways and then decided "WAIT I HAVE TO FIX MY CARRD ANYWAYS." so here we are !!! you mean so so much to me !! you are not just an incredible companion, but an amazing partner as well, and i couldn't ask for anything else from you ever !! we have only been together for a short time, but i love you so so much !! more than i can say !! i love you !!!

      Triggers and Squicks!

      Below, please PLEASE read my triggers and squicks !! All triggers need to be tagged, however please don't worry too much about tagging my squicks.

      S/xual H/rr/sment / Ab/se, Gr//ming, S/H, Su!c!de, KY$ / D!e and [email protected] jokes, H/iji Towa, T/rut/ru Hanamura, Peko and Kaede's Executions, Nagito, Kokichi and Hiyoko's Deaths
      Hifumi Yamada, Monaca Towa, Mahiru Koizumi, Tsumugi Shirogane, Angie Yonaga, Ruruka Ando, Junko Enoshima, Mukuro Ikusaba, Haikyuu, BNHA, The word "shawty", deers, and the names August, Denny, Hannah and Sol.
      Don't even think about forcing me into a reality check / invalidating me or my partners.
      If you want to call me a monster, leave. /threat
      Don't even look in my direction if you want to call me insane / deranged etc. or if you call any of the DGRP Characters rats.